About Us

Bitcoin Association is a not-for-profit group focused on increasing adoption of Bitcoin and related technologies through education and engagement with citizens, media and regulators.

We believe this technology may be transformative and disruptive with potential to help create jobs, drive positive economic growth, lift the poor from poverty and propel developed economies.


The Bitcoin Association has committed to be a decentralized organization.


Founding Members:

Aaron Hirsch Perry – COO, Joe Perry’s Rock Your World, (company of Aerosmith guitarist, Joe Perry)
Vitalik Buterin – Founder, Ethereum
Raj Mehta – CEO, Kilowatt Capital
Greg Simon – Co-Founder Ribbit.me, Former banker JP Morgan
Bruce Fenton – Founder, Atlantic Financial
Peter Ildelfonso – Bitcoin investor
JD Thomas – Bitcoin investor
Makki Al Kurdi – Tech professional and Bitcoin miner, Middle East




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