Bitcoin Association to Become Decentralized


Bitcoin Association to Become Decentralized

The Bitcoin Association is a newer industry group focused on Bitcoin and related technologies and education and advocacy for people, businesses, governments and charities globally.  This includes other alt coins and all technologies related to or based on the core inventions of the blockchain and Bitcoin protocol.

In the short time since we’ve started we have been happy to see hundreds of members join on our site and nearly 8000 join on social media.

Today we make an important announcement:  Bitcoin Association will become a decentralized autonomous organization as soon as possible.   Since we truly believe in the power of Bitcoin and in decentralized applications and organizations, it is clear that we should also be one.

We do not need to emphasize leaders or bosses or officials with special powers and rights but believe that the organization can be governed by consensus in most cases and through transparent and open voting in cases where members decide that some role is best served by a designated person.  In some cases a leadership role or central spokesperson can be beneficial and in these cases it should be done so by a fair and open transparent system and when possible on a project basis.  Any officer titles or roles we have will be based on a fair and transparent voting system.

In the coming weeks and months depending how fast we can move, Bitcoin Association will work with members, leaders in the decentralized space and volunteers to develop a white paper and system for issuance of membership tokens with similar characteristics to an alt coin for membership in the Bitcoin Association.   For all areas technically possible, the platform we prefer to build this will be Ethereum.  The token issuance system will be designed to be fair, open source, decentralized and transparent.

The founding members will have no special status, rights or votes – this of course includes the president and existing founding members.  We will have a system whereby members and token holders can elect other individual members for various roles such as dealing with the media, speaking with government or being authorized to sign letters on behalf of the association.

It is our hope that this can serve as a model to others within the space as well as other organizations, particularly the next generation of charitable or non profit organizations outside of our space.

Some key features we plan for the token system are:
no special status for existing members, founding members or others
– a system designed to be fair and difficult to game
– a voting system which will reward activity as well as enable members to be awarded by consensus or voted on for certain activities by others
– the system will allow for flexibility and the ability for change
– the core and unchangeable values of the organization are that we will take actions which are positive for Bitcoin and related technologies and we will not seek new regulations or restrictions on the technology in any country
– we will offer easy ability for people to create country-specific chapters provided they work with consensus of the overall group and they they are also part of this decentralized system
– with the core values serving like a Constitutional guideline, the organization, members and voting system will offer a great deal of flexibility for members to structure how decisions are made, resources allocated and public and internal facing communications are made
– the source code and systems developed will be shared with any other organization or person who wishes to have access

Some logistics and operational notes:
it will take some time to properly discuss this, digest feedback and implement
– the current role of president of the Bitcoin Association will go away as soon as we have the new decentralized system in place — at that stage the members may opt to elect a new president or may opt to have no president — the current president and founding members will have absolutely no special authority, voting power or permanent office
no one will have the ability to implement bylaws or other systems which would provide permanent, opaque or unchangeable power positions
– the members may opt to vote for special project leadership for new members, existing members, the existing founding members, or may opt to elect a board which may or may not include these members
it would be wise to develop some type of fair allocation system which creates a barrier to entry and/ or reward for activity, tenure, points awarded by members or other actions — for example we’d want to avoid a system where someone with a large social media presence could stack membership with contacts or by which someone who is against Bitcoin or related technology could launch an attack on the system and organization – it also would be wise to somehow weight membership based on participation, donations or activity in the community so that the voice of an extremely dedicated member has more weight than someone who is indifferent
– since this is new and experimental, it will likely be rolled out and implemented in stages and improved over time –– there are some early stage and transition stage activities which may require an official representative or centralized role — for example if we were to sign a lease for a building or other activities — it could take time to adapt and move some activities to a decentralized system –however, we are making a commitment today that this is the aim and also that any such roles will be elected in an open and transparent manor as soon as possible (if the roles exist at all) – so in other words we may have a designated press contact or even board members and officers but if so they will be elected in a fair manner
we are also committed to ideally have all funding for activities be done on a project basis – so, if a member wishes to do a project he or she could present it to other members, it would need to meet the core values of the Bitcoin Association and then the membership could vote on it and also fund it based on specific interest — we will avoid blind pools of donations and in any cases we did receive donations would provide full open and audit-able accountability and transparency to the specific disposition of those assets and who controls them

This is early stage and will be a collaborative effort.

Since the code will be open and there is a commitment to have the system be fair and decentralized, this effort does not belong to any person or limited group of people but belongs to the entire community.

Hopefully you will consider helping with input into the white paper and the programming as well as by joining Bitcoin Association.

Thank you.

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