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Join the Bitcoin Financial Association today and help with the important mission working with the public, media, charitable organizations and governments to increase Bitcoin adoption.

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Individual Membership:

(Note:  During our launch we are offering a number of specials to various Bitcoin community groups – take a look)

Lifetime VIP Membership is .5 Bitcoin or $500

Annual membership is $.05 in BTC or $29

Corporate Memberships  (dollar value will change based on Bitcoin price – it will always be a lower cost when paid in Bitcoin):

– Bronze:  5 Bitcoin   / $5000 USD
– Silver:  10 Bitcoin  / $10,000 USD
– Gold:  25 Bitcoin  / $25,000 USD
– Platinum:  50 Bitcoin / $50k USD
– Satochi Rountable Corporate Membership with 10 Lifetime memberships:  100 Bitcoin / $100k USD

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